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100. Mailbag | We Answer Listener Questions!

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Welcome to the first Q&A with Dramas Over Flowers! We decided to answer some interesting email questions on the podcast in celebration of our 100th episode. We have loved taking this journey together and we appreciate every listener who’s joined us on the way. Please keep sending us these wonderful questions, so we can do another mailbag soon!

Time Stamps:

00:02:55 – Dr Chi’s first question: How did all of you learn Korean? Do you speak other languages? Do you find that knowing a non-western language makes it easier to learn Korean? I wonder if learning Igbo, The language of my parents and people, would help me learn Korean faster. It seems like it certainly helps in learning Mandarin since they are both tonal languages. (I have no experience with that.) OMG- is Korean a tonal language?!!?!?? I’m freaking out even just considering that. Also, what was the hardest part for you guys as far as learning Korean, even if you’re not fluent?

00:34:00 – Frances’ question: After watching so many dramas, do you find it harder and harder to find a perfect drama? When I was a kdrama rookie, I liked all the dramas without criticizing the plots, directions, editing, acting, character development etc. After being educated by your podcasts, I found it more and more difficult to love a drama without over analyzing it! Is it a bad thing?

00:44:00 – Sarah Hope’s question: I want to know: what are some of your top fav dramas of all time? What makes you nostalgic, what can you always go back to, what has a special spot in your heart today? I know some from listening to y’all for so long, but I am so curious what you’re loving today!

01:04:00 – Dr Chi’s second question: Do particular types of shows come out during certain times of the year? For example, are there more romantic shows in the holiday season? Are they spread throughout the year? Do thrillers tend to come out in the fall?

01:09:00 – JustMe’s question: Hey friends! My question for you is: if you could write/direct the perfect kdrama, what would it be? What actors would you hire? This’ll be fun to hear!!

01:15:00 – Kfangurl’s question: Why did you all chose podcasting as your main mode of creating content, when you guys first established yourself in the fandom as writers? 😊

Find our wonderful interview with Kfangurl in this episode!

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This episode was edited by Paroma.

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