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117. The Long Yak – Jirisan | My Name | Dali and Gamjatang | Happiness | Melancholia

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Welcome to the last Long Yak of 2021! Join us for a long conversation as we catch up with each other on all the dramas on our plate.

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00:05:56 Police University 00:17:51 Squid Game 00:21:42 My Name 00:31:56 Jirisan 00:41:32 Yumi’s Cells 00:48:45 The King’s Affection 01:06:11 Dali and Gamjatang 01:18:03 Happiness 01:27:39 Melancholia 01:40:44 My Ajusshi

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This episode was edited by Paroma and Sripradha.

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