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121. 2021 in Dramaland: Year End Yak Part 1 (Trends)

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Welcome to Part 1 of our Year End Yak. In this episode, we discuss the stories, trends, controversies, and fall out from dramaland in 2021. And when Saya, Anisa, and Paroma are done, our listeners and guests chime in with their insightful commentary on the year that passed.


05:00 – Shorter Streaming Dramas

10:17 – Getting Netflix to Pay For Data Consumption

14:13 – Bullying Scandals

16:21 – Snowdrop Controversy

21:01 – Work-life Focused Dramas

23:54 – Vigilantism On the Rise

28:47 – Idol Dramas

30:05 – Higher Budgets in Webtoon Adaptations

33:11 – Listener & Guest Notes on Drama Trends

The voice notes were sent by (in order of appearance): Staci, Anja, Dr. Chi, Granny, Ingatkayo, Jen, JustMe, Kfangurl, Merisoo, and Tina. Thank you so much for joining us on this episode! ❤


Episode 122: Year End Yak Part 2 (to be released on 10 Jan ’22)

Episode 123: Year End Yak Part 3 (to be released on 17 Jan ’22)


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This episode was edited by Paroma.

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