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124. 2021 in Dramaland: Year End Yak Part 3 (Editors’ Picks)

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Finally, it’s part 3 of the longest yak we’ve ever done! In Part 3 of our 2021 Year End Yak, we bring you Listeners’ Choice Awards, each of our personal top three dramas, and some reflections and thanks to round out the year.

Note: We recorded this in December, so if you became a Patreon subscriber since then, not to worry, your patron shoutout is coming soon!


00:00:45 Listeners’ Choice Awards

00:07:07 Our Personal Top 3 Dramas

Paroma: 1. Yumi’s Cells 2. Dalli and Gamjatang 3. Doom at Your Service
Anisa: 1. Run On 2. Vincenzo 3. IDOL: The Coup
Saya: 1. Beyond Evil 2. Vincenzo 3. Happiness

01:04:38 A look back at DOF’s year

01:17:03 Some recommendations!

01:32:34 Thank you guests, patrons, listeners ❤︎


Podcasts we mentioned: Citations Needed, You’re Wrong About, Maintenance Phase, Enemies of the People, Code Switch, Throughline

YouTube video essay channels: Mary TB, yuanProduction, MyDramaList, Bbali Drama, Drama Hyung, Accented Cinema

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This episode was edited by Anisa and Sripradha.

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