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125. What’s Up in Dramaland – February Premieres: Forecasting Love and Weather | Thirty-

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Welcome back to our monthly What’s Up in Dramaland. Let’s talk about what dramas we’re adding to our watchlist this February?

Don’t forget to tell us which shows you’ve decided to pick up! Leave us a comment or DM on Insta or Twitter!

TIMESTAMP: 00:53 – Forecasting Love and Weather 11:42 – Twenty Five, Twenty One 15:37 – Crazy Love 18:12 – Grid 25:48 – Thirty-Nine 32:32 – A Business Proposal 37:36 – Juvenile Justice 43:18 – Kill Heel 44:53 – Military Prosecutor

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This episode was edited by Paroma and Saya.

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