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126. TLY - Twenty-Five Twenty-One | Forecasting Love and Weather | Rookie Cops

Welcome to our first proper Long Yak of 2022! In this one, Anisa and Paroma dig into our widely varying first impressions of Twenty-Five Twenty-One and Forecasting Love and Weather. And Saya makes a good case for why Rookie Cops is a worthier successor of Police University.

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02:17 Twenty-Five Twenty-One

15:27 Forecasting Love and Weather

32:52 Rookie Cops


Episode 125: February Premieres: Forecasting Love and Weather | 2521 | Thirty-Nine | Grid | A Business Proposal

Episode 51: Our Spoiled Yak on Search: WWW, also by Twenty-Five Twenty-One writer Kwon Do-eun

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This episode was edited by Anisa.

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