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72. What’s Up in Dramaland – Female-led Variety | October K-drama Premieres

In this What’s Up in Dramaland, we cover a hopefully ongoing trend toward female-led variety shows, and some quick news hits. Then we dive into October K-drama premieres, including The Spies Who Loved Me, which we are both very confused by and DYING to see.


On variety shows led by woman, the difficulty of being a female comedian, and how things might be changing:

In the world of variety shows, the future is female

‘Sporty Sisters’ sees success thanks to cast and content

As a follow-up to Episode 65, where we talked race and representation in Korean drama, check out this wonderful piece by Aisha Harris on American blackface in the 21st century.

Warner Bros. to withdraw from S. Korean market


00:01:19 Female-led variety shows 00:09:49 Blackface in the 21st century 00:12:46 Upcoming in October 00:13:20 My Dangerous Wife 00:18:50 Tale of the Nine-Tailed 00:33:29 Startup 00:39:43 The Spies Who Loved Me 00:50:57 Fly from Rags to Riches 00:57:54 Penthouse 01:06:45 Revenge

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Episode edited by Anisa.