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79. Fewer Dramas Next Year | Upcoming: True Beauty, Mr. Queen, Dramaworld 2

December Dramas premiere with several fun releases! We’re joined on this episode by JustMe, our friend and an amazing writer, who recently guest posted for our site on “More Than Friends”, which you can check out right here.

Liliana’s drama Discord:


00:13:51 – Industry News UPCOMING DRAMA: 00:32:01 – Lovestruck in the city 00:37:02 – Hush 00:41:51 – Mr Queen 00:52:19 – Run On 00:57:17 – Secret Royal Inspector 01:00:35 – Sweet Home 01:02:11 – A Love So Beautiful 01:09:17 – Dramaworld 2

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Episode edited by Paroma.

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