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81. The Spoiled Yak – Stranger 2

Anisa reconvenes with Yunah and Lee Tennant in one last nerdy love-fest for Stranger 2, giving us one last gift to round off 2020. Listen to them break down the show’s big themes (with side-trips into literature and philosophy), and revisit their best moments and favourite characters. But beware: spoilers and weasels abound!

In case you missed them, check out the reviews we wrote weekly as the show aired.


Translated interview with Lee Soo-yeon

Where you can find our guests elsewhere on the internet: Yunah: Twitter, Instagram Lee Tennant: Twitter, Blog: Invisible Pink Dragon Lee’s mid-show review: Distant Lights in a Fog Finale review: The Incorruptible Man Wants Nothing

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This episode was edited by Saya.

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