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82. Year-End Yak 2020 & the 2nd Annual Goguma Awards!

Thanks for spending this awful, trying, ridiculous and neverending year with us. For all the dark times, we also laughed a lot, had some milestones, and had an unprecedented year of interaction with you, our beautiful community! Here’s some thoughts (…okay, a lot of thoughts, hours of thoughts) about what our year in dramas was like, and another helping of the Goguma Awards, which we kicked off last year. (Goguma, meaning sweet potato, is the name of our yak.)

Time stamps are in the episode description in the Soundcloud link below. In this post, I’ve written out all the winning dramas we mentioned for each category for your reference. Buckle yourselves in, it’s a long one!

The romance novel about COVID, in case you don’t believe Anisa: Kissing the Coronavirus

Second Annual Goguma Awards

The (few) dramas we all watched:

Crash Landing on You When the Weather is Fine 18 Again

Best Science Fiction/Fantasy: Kairos

Biggest Waste of Everything: Record of Youth

Bad Start, Good Ending: Piece of Your Mind

Stupid at the Last Second:

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol When the Weather is Fine Alice

Racist Drama Most Vigorously Defended: Backstreet Rookie

Best Comfort Drama (with No External Conflict): Hospital Playlist, Mystic Pop-up Bar

Best Partners:

Good Detective Hyena Stranger 2

Best Second Lead:

Ji-pyung (Kim Seon-ho) in Start-up Ja-sung (Hwang In-yeop) in 18 Again

Puppy of the Year: Lee Do-hyun in 18 Again

Ajusshi of the Year: Lee Do-hyun in 18 Again

Unni of the Year: Eun-joo (Choo Ja-hyun) in My Unfamiliar Family

ACTUAL Puppy of the Year: Mimi in Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Best wildlife cameo: The cockroach in Kkondae Intern

Lee Joon-hyuk Award for being Lee Joon-hyuk: Lee Joon-hyuk 😂

Best Episode Endings:

Kairos 365: Repeat the Year It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Best Epilogues:

Crash Landing on You Into the Ring/Memorials Good Casting Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Episode 6

Wardrobe We Want to Steal: Go Moon-young (Seo Ye-ji) in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Honourable mention: Hyena

Best Music:

Stranger 2 Crash Landing on You KairosRed Backpack” from Good Casting