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89. The Spoiled Yak – Minari

Anisa and friends of the podcast refresh and Yunah talk about writer-director Lee Isaac Chung’s film Minari, starring Steven Yeun, Yoon Yeo-jung, and Han Yeri, as well as the precocious, adorable Alan S. Kim. We all loved the movie, and had a great discussion about the universality of its embodiment of the Korean American experience in the United States, how it captures vivid moments and emotions, and whether we have awards hopes for this film, even though awards don’t matter. But let’s be real, there’s no way we aren’t celebrating Minari’s six Oscar nominations!


02:55 General thoughts 14:10 Favorite performances 25:04 Awards & being perpetual foreigners

Anisa’s review

refresh’s review

Bong Joon-ho and Youn Yuh-jung on Cine21

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This episode was edited by Anisa.

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