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92. What’s Up in Dramaland – Anti-Asian Racism | Joseon Exorcist Cancelled | Upcoming in

Hello dear listeners! We recorded this episode very soon after the recent shooting of eight people, six of whom were Asian, in the US state of Georgia. In it, we talk about our anger and sadness over what happened, the discourse around anti-Asian racism and racism in general, and practical strategies for getting through it and hopefully making things better. We also try to bring some context to last week’s cancellation of Joseon Exorcist. Please check out the extended show notes below for resources related to this episode, including an excellent overview of what happened in Georgia and the historical context of anti-Asian sentiment in the US by the Code Switch podcast, for those unfamiliar.

Listeners, thank you for always being so thoughtful and communicative with us not only when it comes to squeeing over the dramas we love, but about the important ways that stories shape and impact our real lives. A special shout-out to our beloved Patrons—not only for your much appreciated support, but also because we finally have extras to share with you! We’ve started a new Patron-exclusive series called Below the Line, additional mini episodes to go with each regular WUD or Yak, where we gab about the stuff we couldn’t fit into the main episode. Enjoy, and as always, thank you!

Time Stamps:

NEWS: 00:02:31 What happened in Georgia & anti-Asian racism 00:34:55 Joseon Exorcist cancellation

UPCOMING: 00:56:57 Dramaworld 2 01:04:24 Taxi Driver 01:09:27 Real Estate Exorcism 01:18:42 Undercover 01:23:10 Dark Hole

Links and Resources:

“Screams and Silence”, Code Switch’s episode about anti-Asian violence in the United States and its current iteration that led to the tragedy in Georgia

The Flawed Premise of Statements Like “Love Our People Like You Love Our Food” by Bettina Makalintal

About the 2015 Chapel Hill Shooting in Anisa’s community

The 1619 Project, spearheaded by Nikole Hannah-Jones

A brilliant overview of what’s going on in India, plus a deeper dive with more context for the nerds among us 😉

And for Hindi speakers, Paroma recommends this video

A good overview of the Joseon Exorcist controversy

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This episode was edited by Anisa.

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