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A Long Yak about Miracle, Again My Life, Reset, and Legally Romance

Saya, Anisa and Paroma talk about timey-wimey dramas Reset, Again My Life and Legally Romance, with digressions on binging C-dramas, ideal episode lengths (again), and why K-dramas are still doing romance better.

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00:01:05 - We tease a special future episode on Boys Over Flowers!

00:02:38 - Miracle: first impressions and comparisons to K-pop novels

00:10:02 - Time loop dramas: Reset (C) vs. One More Time (K)

00:15:00 - Again My Life: ending thoughts *SPOILERS*

00:34:01 - Legally Romance (C-drama)

00:38:16 - K-dramas as "a safe playground for women's imagination". Side rant on OTP emotional damage inflicted by multi-season American shows.


Anja's blog post on Kiss Sixth Sense, feat. Legally Romance

Kfangurl's review of Reset

Paroma's video essay: Alchemy of Souls Is Beating Chinese Fantasy Historical Dramas in Their Own Game (video)

Anisa's recap of Ms Marvel Episode 1


Episode 130: Cross Fire is the best time-slip, gaming Chinese drama: Can Saya convince Paroma to watch?

Episode 131: Author of K-Pop Revolution, Stephan Lee talks about the K-Pop industry

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This episode was edited by Saya.

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