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Cross Fire is the best time-slip, gaming Chinese drama: can Saya convince Paroma to watch?

In our newest episode @notnowsaya makes her case for WHY everyone who loves -

🧡time travel/time slip

🧡gaming dramas

🧡clever, beautiful writing SHOULD be watching the Chinese drama CROSS FIRE! 🔥

CROSS FIRE is a 2020 Chinese drama about two young men who meet each other in a game - but are eleven years apart in time. The episode is a spoiler-free intro to the show. (Saya really, really loved it.)

We also talk about:

  • The Signal conceit

  • The rise of pro-gaming

  • Gaming dramas as an emerging genre in C-dramas

  • The trials of watching dramas in a totally unfamiliar language with horrible subtitles

  • Side discussions on: dealing with addictions, C-drama Sweet Combat, actors Luhan and Leo Wu, and...peg legs and parrots.

  • Cameo from Duke <3 (Paroma’s giant puppy)

Cross Fire in real life:

The Biggest FPS Game You've Never Heard Of - CrossFire (video)

Crossfire - The Most Popular First Person Shooter In The World (video)

Smilegate’s drama series ‘CrossFire’ tops 100m views in China


Did we convince you to watch it? Let us know! You can email us, or DM on Insta or Twitter!


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Episode 123: When Dramas Ruin You For Real Life, because this is also how CrossFire made me feel.

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This episode was edited by Saya.

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