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Drama Addict Diary: LUCA Lands on its Head, Sisyphus Runs On…and Doctor Stranger Again?


LUCA HAS LANDED and no that is not a cute Italian boy. (That would be Vincenzo harhar.)

Mild spoilers ahead for LUCA 1-2 but you should go ahead and read it anyway only don’t say I didn’t warn you. You has been duly warned.

I decided not to overthink hitting play and here is what I got from opening week:

  1. Daaaaaark. Much darker than I expect from tvN. Feels like an OCN show.

  2. Lotta action, lotta violence. Served a bit disproportionately to plot movement HOWEVER not without purpose as got a pretty comprehensive picture of what Ji Oh (Kim Rae-won) can do—and what he can’t—and the consequences of using his powers. With a peek into his history, it sets the stakes very nicely. Whys and wherefores yet to come.

  3. LOL how is Lee Da-hee’s character name “Haneul-ae Gureum”? “A cloud in the sky”? Hahahaha, now that is next level name-game. 🤣

  1. I have never before seen a scruffy Kim Rae-won but scruffy suits him. It suits everyone.

  2. He is also a human defibrillator?! 😱 Ngl, that is SO COOL !!!

  3. Learned about the Cis-AB blood type! That is fancypants for how parents with blood types A and O respectively can have a child with an AB blood type, in the event of a rare genetic mutation specifically found in Korea and Japan (though a little googling says it has also occurred in Europeans, just very very less). And they say we don’t learn anything from dramas!

  4. I was a scientist once. Though I like to think that once a scientist, always a scientist. A bit like being a King or Queen of Narnia (“Once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen of Narnia”) except you don’t get excommunicated for lipstick. #JusticeForSusan #AslanLied #StillMad

  5. Finding the human/not human question really interesting, not as a philosophical enquiry (that is more of a monster/not monster question—which is also interesting, but also well-trodden ground) but as a literal question of the the biological definition of “human” and the taxonomy of Ji Oh. Or rather, Z-0.


Speaking of science, let me tell you about TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY (TBI) AND WHY LEE DA-HEE SHOULD HAVE IT. Because LET ME TELL YOU!!!! With the number of head injuries she receives in a mere two episodes, I am shocked she remains upon this mortal coil, with her mental faculties entirely intact, no less!

Halfway through Episode 2, it suddenly occurred to me that this needed inventorying. For Science. And very scientifically, I have made a neat list.

Rather than cataloguing every blow she takes, however, I have only noted the instances where she receives direct impact to the head. Therefore, this list does not include: 1) blows that land on other parts of the body, 2) when her head hits something (ground/wall/logic) due to a blow taken in a different place, or 3) being choked or strangled.


Each impact is catalogued as a separate item, and given a severity rating out of 10, where 1 is “‘tis but a tap” and 10 is “I am definitely dead”.

Episode 1:

  1. Truck of doom/hit and run accident in which she technically died. Massive head trauma? (12/10)

  2. Ji Oh’s Dragonball Z moment at the end, where she flipped over again and ended up somewhat under a car (again). Bleeding head wound, medically diagnosed (in hospital) with concussion. (8/10)

Episode 2:

  1. Childhood flashback: got hit by The Force aka Baby Ji Oh and smacked into a wooden pillar okay I checked again and we only see her hit a curtain. This time. I guess we can allow her to survive to adulthood. (5/10 because she still got struck by lightning)

  2. Lift Elevator fight:

  3. Smashed into elevator door (8/10)

  4. Smacked into elevator wall (3/10—she took some of the impact of this one on an elbow—7/10 for the elbow though)

  5. Smacked into elevator door again (4/10)

  6. And again (4/10—this and the above are kind of a one-two)

  7. Subway fight:

  8. Kim Sung-oh smashes her into a corner-wall (8.8/10)

  9. One minute later: redhead smashes her onto train tracks and leaves her for dead in face of oncoming train (10/10 for leaving her for dead in face of oncoming train)


How. Is. She. Not. Dead.

Well I guess she is the fittest, therefore she is the surviviest.