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Join Us in the Year-End Yak + Yak Tea

What got you through 2020?

It’s the time of year again where we’re working hard to put together our annual Year-End Yak and the Goguma Awards (we’re having a LOT of fun with that!).

This time, we’d love to invite you to join us!

Tell us about what got you through 2020 in Dramaland, whether that’s a specific drama, tropes or trends, or something else about the fandom.

Submit this as a voice-note (two minutes or less – this is very important!) to us at, and we’ll feature it on our Year-End Yak. We’d love to hear as many voices as possible! *Remember to start off by introducing yourself!*

Deadline: 11pm EST, 28th of December 2020.

Check out the intro of Episode 79 for a bit more detail.


Yak Tea

Due to ongoing restrictions, we know the holiday season is looking pretty different for many of you. Don’t be alone, though! We’ve decided to host a small, virtual tea party on Christmas Day if you need some friendly human contact!

Dress up in your festive best (yes, that definitely includes pyjamas!!), bring your tea and biscuits and pies, and be ready to possibly play a silly game or two!

When: 10am EST / 3pm GMT / 8.30pm IST, 25th December, 2020 Where: Zoom/your place! Register:

Go on over to our Eventbrite page for the rest of the details and to book your place. We’re anticipating a small and cosy gathering, but if for some crazy reason, you are unable to get a ticket, email us at!

Excited to see and hear from you soon!

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