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K-drama Premieres: April 2020

How is everyone doing? We hope you’re safe and well wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

I’ve found there are definite upsides to forced hermitage—I’ve talked to people I haven’t talked to for a long time, I’ve slept more (too much?), and…I maaaayyyy be watching a tiny bit more drama (come on, you know you have too!). And not gonna lie, a lifetime-first saw me working out to an episode of Diary of a Prosecutor. It’s a weird new world, but at least we have weird new dramas to match.

1 | How to Buy a Friend / 계약우정

Apr. 6, Mon-Tue, 8 eps, KBS2 Friendship, romance, school [MDL]

Stars: Lee Shin-young, Shin Seung-ho, Kim So-hye

Synopsis: Based on a webtoon of the same name and tells the story of high school students Chan-hong and Don-hyuk, who lead totally different lives. Kim So-hye plays senior high school student Uhm Se-yoon, who is the most popular girl at school and has a crush on Chan-hong.

  1. Literal title is “Contract Friendship”

2 | The King: Eternal Monarch / 더 킹: 영원의 군주

Apr. 17, Fri-Sat, 16 eps, SBS/Netflix Historical, romance, fantasy [MDL]

Stars: Lee Min-ho, Kim Go-eun, Woo Do-hwan

Synopsis: Yi Gon is the third Korean emperor of his generation. His citizens regard him as the perfect leader. But behind this flawless appearance, hides a deep wound. When he was eight years old, his father was murdered before his eyes following a coup. Today, instead of respecting his filial duty, he prefers to escape the palace to attend university conferences. During one of his escapades, he sees himself propelled into a parallel world where he meets Jung Tae-eul, an inspector with whom he teams up with to defeat the criminals but also close the door between their two worlds.

  1. Kim Eun-sook’s next project!

  2. Is this another modern-day monarchy? It’ll be interesting to see how it differs from The King 2 Hearts/My Princess/Last Empress!

3 | When My Love Blooms / 화양연화

Apr. 18, Sat-Sun, 16 eps, tvN Romance, melodrama [MDL]

Stars:  Lee Bo-young, Yoo Ji-tae

Synopsis: Han Jae-hyun is handsome, ambitious, and a successful businessman. He pursues wealth and honor. When he was a university student in his 20’s, he was like a different person. He took part in the student movement. His first love around that time was Yoon Ji-soo. He meets Ji-soo for the first time in many years.

Ji-soo is a mother and a contract worker. Her life is not so easy now. Jae-hyun was her first love back when she was in her 20’s. Now in their 40s, they meet again for the first time in many years and have the second most beautiful moment in their lives.

4 | Born Again / 본 어게인

Apr. 20, Mon-Tue, 32 eps, KBS2 Mystery, romance, melodrama [MDL]

Stars:  Jang Ki-yong, Jin Se-yeon, Lee Soo-hyuk

Synopsis: The story of a detective, the detective’s lover, and a serial killer who loved the detective’s lover. Although their lives ended 32 years ago, death became a new beginning for them when they reincarnated into a prosecutor, a bone archaeology instructor, and a medical student, rekindling their twisted fates once again.

5 | Good Casting / 굿 캐스팅

Apr. 27, Mon-Tue, 16 eps, SBS Action, crime, mystery [MDL]

Stars: Choi Kang-hee, Yoo In-young, Lee Sang-yeob, Lee Jong-hyuk

Synopsis: A drama about once talented female black ops agents for the National Intelligence Service who are now stuck at desk jobs. They must go undercover at a corporation in order to unroot corruption and leaking of trade secrets. Im Ye-eun is a single mom who’s whip-smart but struggles in her civil service exam because of her lack of coordination. She dreams of becoming an agent for the NIS while juggling work and raising her child.

6 | Exemplary Detective / 모범형사

Apr. 27, Mon-Tue, 16 eps, JTBC/Netflix Procedural, drama [MDL]

Stars: Sohn Hyun-joo, Jang Seung-jo, Lee Elijah

Synopsis: A drama about the race between people who want to get closer to the truth and those who want to cover it up.

7 | Extracurricular / 인간수업

Apr. 29, Wed-Thu, 16 eps, Netflix School, crime, friendship [MDL]

Stars:  Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin, Park Joo-hyun

Synopsis: Centered around a group of high school students who start committing crimes to earn money and the unpredictable dangers they face as a result.

Kim Dong-hee (Itaewon Class) will portray Ji-soo, who goes from a model student to a criminal after committing an unthinkable act. Jung Da-bin as school bully Min-hee, who gets caught up in Ji-soo’s crime. Park Joo-hyun will portray Ji-hoo’s dangerous partner in crime Gyu-ri, while Nam Yoon-soo will appear as Min-hee’s boyfriend and the school’s most popular guy, Ki-tae.

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