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November K-drama Premieres

Chief of Staff 2


Nov 11, 10 episodes, JTBC/Netflix

Stars Lee Jung-jae, Shin Min-ah, Lee Elijah, Kim Dong-jun, Kim Gab-soo, Jung Woong-in

The second season of Chief of Staff. The real political players behind the spotlight take a dangerous gamble. Super Adviser Jang Tae Joon heads towards the peak of power and fiercely struggles for survival. – MyDramaList


  1. Is this the second season, or just one of those split Netflix deals?

Psychopath Diary


Stars Yoon Si-yoon, Jung In-sun, Park Sung-hoon.

A man named Yook Dong Shik coincidentally witnesses a murder and loses his memory after an accident that occurs while fleeing the scene. He wakes up with no sense of identity and mistakes himself as the killer when he finds the murderer’s diary in his hands. – MyDramaList


  1. Head screenwriter Ryu Yong-jae also worked on Liar Game and Time Between Dog and Wolf.

People With Flaws


Nov 27, 32 eps, MBC

Stars Oh Yeon-seo, Ahn Jae-hyun, Kim Seul-gi.

Lee Kang-Woo (Ahn Jae-Hyeon) is a handsome guy, who enjoys being the center of attention. In his past, he was dumped for being ugly. Since that moment, he has been obsessed with his appearance. Joo Seo-Yeon (Oh Yeon-Seo) is an enthusiastic P.E. teacher. She does not like handsome men, because she went through a lot of trouble due to her 3 handsome brothers. Her ideal guy is someone who is closer to normal.

Lee Kang-Woo and Joo Seo-Yeon happen to meet. They initially argue about everything, but they develop romantic feelings for each other. – AsianWiki

9.9 Billion Woman


Nov 27, 32 episodes, KBS2

Stars Jo Yeo-jung, Kim Kang-woo, Oh Nara, Jung Woong-in, Lee Ji-hoon.

Jung Seo-yeon happens to get 9.9 Billion won ($9 million USD) and she fights against the world. Jung Seo-yeon and her family suffered from violence by her father. She left their home and started a new life with an affectionate man, but her happy life ended. She struggles to look for happiness in her life.

Kang Tae-woo is an ex-detective. He attempts to reveal the truth behind the death of his younger sibling. – AsianWiki


  1. Screenwriter of Night Light/White Nights, Last



Nov 29, 16 episodes, JTBC

Stars Yoon Kye-sang, Ha Ji-won, Jang Seung-jo

A drama about a neurosurgeon and an world-famous chef of Italian cuisine who heal their scars from the past and cook for those in hospice care. – HanCinema


  1. Screenwriter Lee Kyung-hee of the very uneven track record

  2. Director of Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

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