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Podcast 16. Men Behaving Badly (Korean Drama Industry)

SHOWNOTES ► 00:00 Intro 02:50 Director Kim Ki-duk and Actor Jo Jae-hyun (admitted to sexual assault charges) 03:20 Actor Jo Min-ki (committed suicide after news of student harassment surfaced) 08:45 Anisa talks about English language reporting on Korean Entertainment news 10:00 How Actor Park Shi-hoo’s career was rehabilitated despite the rape charges 11:50 Pogo briefly refers to the 2012 case in Delhi that triggered a wave of news coverage on sexual assaults in India. 12:50 Anisa talks about the ineffectiveness of laws against workplace harassment in the US 17:45 Pogo speculates about a KBS’s investment in Park Shi-hoo’s career. 19:25 Why weekend dramas? Most Ajummas don’t care about feminism. 25:05 The Kim Hyun-joong case 29:30 Can art be separated from the artist? 43:50 Men Behaving Badly in Dramas 53:50 In fiction, the “hero’s journey” for women has always been romance. 1:00:40 Rise of the Beta Heroes! (AKA Second Lead as First Lead) 1:02:59 Writer Kim Eun-sook (Secret Garden, Goblin) 1:21:20 Writer Jung Sung-joo (Secret Love Affair, Heard it Through the Grapevine) 1:23:00 Writer Kwon Ki-young (Protect the Boss, All About My Romance, Hello Monster) 1:24:55 Writer Ha Myung-hee (High Society, Doctors, Temperature of Love, One Warm Word) 1:26:20 Writer Park Yeon-sun (Alone in Love, White Christmas, Wild Romance, Age of Youth 1 & 2) 1:30:00 How many dramas tackled corruption and the legal system after former Prime Minister Park Geun-hye’s arrest, and whether we think the same thing will happen with #MeToo Links► Allegations against Kim Ki-duk and Jo Jae-hyun Jo Min-ki The Park Shi-hoo rape case His comeback with Neighborhood Hero, and a lawsuit against netizens Delhi 2012 rape case Odessa Jone’s piece about men crying in k-dramas PM Park Geun-hye’s sentencing

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