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Podcast 17. The Long Yak -Lawless Lawyer | Greasy Melo | Sketch | A Poem A Day

SHOWNOTES: 00:01:27 News Item #1 – Lee Seo-won charged for sexual assault 00:07:58 News Item #2 – Sequel to Signal in the works! 00:08:56 News Item #3 – Lead Hunting For Clean With Passion For Now 00:12:10 News Item #4 – Seo In-guk back from Army and cast in Hundred Million Stars From the Sky 00:16:06 UPCOMING JUNE DRAMAS: Are You Human Too? 00:20:00 What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? 00:25:12 Life on Mars 00:33:24 Grandpa’s over flowers 00:35:20 RECENTLY FINISHED WATCHING: Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food 00:48:52 A Poem a Day 01:02:09 Age of Youth 2 01:04:17 CURRENTLY AIRING: About Time 01:08:13 Wok of Love/Greasy Melo 01:15:42 Lawless Lawyer 01:19:38 Suits 01:23:00 Sketch 01:26:38 Rich Man Poor Woman 01:36:45 Question of the YAK: What scene have you watched on repeat?

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