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Record of Youth: Episodes 3-4 Review

The second week of Record of Youth continues to add layers to its already layered relationships. I’m surprised by just how much ground the show covers in two hours—meaning that a whole lot of change has happened since opening week (also whoops, we're behind, but we still haven't decided whether to run full cover on this show!). Hye-joon is at the centre of a motherload of decisions that will determine the direction not just his own immediate future, but that of the people most closely connected to him. And remember how that’s his gift, to connect with people? But at least we can see him well on the road to figuring out that he needs to change up some of those connections, so that he can step out of borrowed dreams, and into one that belongs to him alone. (There’s room for Grandpa, too!)   
Anisa: So the military haircut thing ended up being a fake-out! I fully expected a two-year time skip. Well played, show.

Saya: Because it’s still 2018 in-show, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop! But it does seem like they’ve put the will-he-won’t-he of military service to rest.

Anisa: I do like how our lead pair have this running sort-of joke now of convincing each other of things, which I think started with Jung-ha arguing against him buzzing his hair so early. It's one of the ways their friendship developed in these two episodes, and I found it a lovely way to express how they're getting to know each other, testing the boundaries of this new relationship and figuring out what it is.

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