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We Forgot the Weekend Drama Report

Uh… so I guess the combination of Ramadan and lockdown has finally gotten to me, y’all. I’m so sorry.

We still would love to hear about what you watched last week! Leave a comment below, even if it’s only to mock my lack of time management.

[the following is a lightly edited version of our actual chat yesterday]


Saya: Oh hey wasn’t it Monday today?


Anisa: OMG I completely forgot! 😱 I kept having this feeling like there was something I needed to do… I watched zero dramas this week.

Saya: Let’s just forget it. 😂 I also watched zero.

Anisa: So sorry. 😭 I should have know that weird relaxing feeling of nothing to do was a sign something went wrong.

Saya: Aw don’t be sorry. Ramadan hiatus. Let dramaland miss us!! Let Yoo Seung-ho cry. Let Lee Min-ho try to win us back. Let Lee Joon-hyuk figure out the mystery of our disappearance.

Anisa: One of these oppas is not like the others. And it’s not because Yoo Seung-ho is not, technically, an oppa.

Saya: Just because we don’t love Lee Min-ho doesn’t mean he doesn’t love us!

Anisa: I don’t think he does love us though, otherwise he’d give us more expression than a flat monotone.

Saya: I have dubbed Yoo Seung-ho’s ilk “baby oppas”. Because they are babies.

Anisa: I call them puppies. But yes. As Jeon So-min eloquently put it, if they’re good-looking, they’re all oppas.



Paroma: Guys? …Guys? What happened to the WDR?

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