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Weekend Drama Report [18.05.20]

If you’ve been able to catch up or start new dramas this week, what have you been watching? What’s keeping you engaged these days?

Here’s what we started, finished, dropped, or kept watching this week.

(Note: We’ll mention some plot details, but will try to keep major spoilers to minimum.)



Hospital Playlist [10]

I take back what I said about not seeing any chemistry between Ik-jun and Song-hwa. BRING THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER SOMEONE! I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating. This drama is all about the relationships and not at all about the plot. What is even the drama in this story? Yet somehow, Song-hwa buying herself a new wood-stove or Jung-won squeeing over a cute baby is just the update I need about their life to feel happy. I mean, yes, there are low-key conflicts like Jung-won’s dilemma about joining the church, or Suk-Hyung’s mom refusing to divorce her husband despite his cheating. But they are just tapestry in the background. In the foreground are transient stories about doctors and patients interacting daily in the hospital. Of some success and some failures. But mostly successes because this is a special hospital with brilliant doctors, wonderful residents and nurses, and very non-greedy corporate overlords. Everyone is excellent, and I want to be friends with them. And watch the band practise every week.

The King: Eternal Monarch [10]

Hits snooze button. Wake me up next week.



365: Repeat the Year [1-24]

I haven’t had the time or energy to watch much lately, but I’d been planning to watch this one for Lee Joon-hyuk, and Saya’s positive reviews made me feel confident that it would be a satisfying ride. I had hoped for a drama in which I would not need to fear death or dismemberment for Oppa—alas, this is not that drama—but I really enjoyed this compact, well-paced, and thrilling drama regardless. Read my full review here.

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