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Weekend Drama Report [25.05.20]

Eid Mubarak, if you celebrated!

If you’ve been able to catch up or start new dramas this week, what have you been watching? What’s keeping you engaged these days?

Here’s what we started, finished, dropped, or kept watching this week.

(Note: We’ll mention some plot details, but will try to keep major spoilers to minimum.)



Once Again [1-1.5]


I’ve just baaarely started this one (because Eid! Had no time for dramas), but I saw the positive reactions on Twitter—along with the info that this writer penned Weightlifting Fairy, Familiar Wife, and High School King of Savvy—and I was sold. So far I’ve only watched enough to meet everyone (and get a bad feeling Da-hee’s wedding is not going to work out), and to be honest most of them don’t make the best first impression, but I’m willing to give it a chance.  I’m hoping we’ll get an engaging reconciliation for on-the-rocks couple Lee Min-jung and Lee Sang-yeob, and I’m here for whatever Oh Yoon-ah’s arc will be, because I love this actress any way I can get her, always. 

Heart Signal 3 [5-8]

Is this show a lower-budget, less funny, sloppily edited Korean version of Terrace House? Basically. Do I care? Not so much. I watched the first two seasons and suffered through the agony of all the trash people getting happy endings while the gems ended up going underappreciated, and here I am again. I feel like history will probably repeat itself, but I can’t stop watching. Min-jae and Eui-dong are by far the best people in that house, and I hate that no one pays them any attention. And poor Ga-heun deserves so much better than the way In-woo is jerking her around.

Now that the catfish are here though, all bets are off. I’m not sure whether to find Kang-yeol quirky and laid back, or suspect that he’s a psychopath, so there’s… that. I do have some hope that something might develop between Eui-dong and Anna though—she seems to be able to see his good qualities. But regardless, I will be watching this and rooting for my faves til the bitter end. Please let me know if you’re also along for this ambiguously enjoyable ride, and we can squee and/or commiserate together!

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