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Weekend Drama Report: Flower of Evil vs The Good Detective

While Saya and Anisa watch and review the second season of FOREST OF SECRETS (STRANGER), I wander lazily through a few quietly excellent dramas released in the last month.

The Good Detective & The Flower of Evil have both caught me in their snare, but for very different reasons.

Flower of Evil

I think Lee Jun-ki is magic. And a Lee Jun-ki playing a loving husband, who has to act every moment of the day to convince his detective wife that he loves her is one I need no convincing to watch. But of course, I don’t really think our heart throb is a psychopath. Already, his ruthlessness is severely under question. But I do want to see how the cat and mouse game between husband and wife plays out and if a reasonably happy ending is even possible.

And then there is the unexpectedly gripping The Good Detective. Saya told me to watch this one, and since she’s the boss of all things thrilling, I tried the first episode. There is very little explanation before we jump into the deep end of a conviction gone wrong. A detective who’s up for promotion suddenly has to dig into his own old case to solve a recent murder. But the best part is that the murderer isn’t trying to escape. He’s challenging our heroes to figure out why he committed the crime and has punishments of his own to hand out.

The Good Detective

It’s one of those dramas that you have to watch closely. There are clues right in front of you.

Anyway, so for this WDR, I thought I would do something different (since I’m the only one playing). I sat my cousin down and asked her if she’d be willing to forsake romantic fantasy and watch a K-drama thriller with me. She said – maybe. So, we recorded my attempt at convincing her.

This is pretty much how a majority of my attempts at getting her to watch things go:

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