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What Would Dramaland Do?

Dramas Over Flowers is turning 5 in September! And to celebrate this, we decided to have some fun. We will ask Dramaland - the trope making machine that feeds our soul - to come and answer the eternal question:


Throughout September, we want to help you tackle corporate takeovers, hostile colleagues, jjak-sarangs, persistent second leads, and third act noble idiocy with K-drama solutions.

For instance, Dramaland says her advice to hire a TRUCK OF DOOM to deal with annoying colleagues and abusive exes has met with a lot of success. So, she likes to suggest that often. Too often.

And now, here’s a chance to find out how Dramaland would help bring a satisfying ending* to the drama of your life.

Her takes on your stories will be posted on the blog throughout September, and we may even have a podcast episode dedicated to reading out the best ones!

*Please note that satisfaction is not actually guaranteed


The fate of this event depends entirely on the main character’s participation, so we hope you are game!

Juingong-nim, all you have to do is reply in the comments (or email us) and tell us the story of your own drama!

You can send us your own story, the story of a friend, or a philosophical conundrum that you were debating in your head while taking out the trash last night.

And if you’re feeling shy, here’s a little advice from Dramaland.

“Recall, lovely reader! Main characters seeking advice for romantic dilemmas are always asking for a ‘friend’.”

And so can you! 💪


Now, for the serious details!

When writing in, address the query to “Dramaland”, keep the submission under 200 words (a little spill over is fine!), and please sign off with a pen name of your choosing!

Below is an example to give you an idea of what we’re going for. But please remember that there’s no bar on tone or content! Send in any type of submission you want, so long as you’re good with Dramaland giving her take on it!

Dear Dramaland,

I'm a slightly absent minded female lead who can't focus on more than one task at a time. My father on the other hand is extremely meticulous and orderly. He can't accept that this gene has skipped me completely. So, we're often at loggerheads. Whenever he spots one of my delayed chores, he'll go and do it himself, not trusting that I'll get to it eventually.

I have an exhausting job, lots of dramas to watch, and a missing male lead to locate, so my chores can take some time to get done, but I always get to them eventually!

How do I convince my father to trust that I'll finish them and to let me do things at my own pace?

Much love,


— And if you’re wondering how Dramaland would tackle such a problem, she’s already given her take below! —

Dear Exhausted,

Have you considered a Truck of DOOM? (I hear they’re on sale and every drama’s getting one!)

Or if you happen to really like your father and would miss him if he met such a vehicle, then how about this?

Be the Woo Soo-ji you want to see in the world and take your business to the top. Find a chaebol and get into an accident with them that is their fault and you absolutely did not cause it (nod nod wink wink). Then blackmail them into investing in your company, but make sure you never give them a controlling share.

Then when your fantastically successful company goes public, maybe you'll become a chaebol yourself. And then you can pay someone to do all your chores and never fight with your father again!

Hope this helps.



P.S. beware of boardroom backstabbing.

P.P.S. How about getting Jung So-min and Lee Deok-hwa to play you and your father in the drama adaptation of your life?


We will be accepting submissions till the last day of August!

You will get a reminder email in a couple of weeks, but don’t delay your reply if you have a story in mind already.

We’ve all closed emails planning to get back to them and then forgot all about it. 😳

Reply in comments below!

You can also email us at or DM us on Instagram or Twitter!

And share this email with a friend who would love to get Dramaland’s take on their own drama!

We look forward to reading your submission!

With love,

Saya, Anisa, and Paroma

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